Limited to Foreigners Only!!

First in the World! Limited to Foreigners Only!!Proficiency Test of Crane Game’s Master. 5th /Dec/Sat
~Compilation of the establishment first anniversary ~
The Crane Game culture that developed in Japan and the world development!!

World’s first crane game qualification is authorized and the first anniversary is received into general incorporated japan crane game association on December 25, 2015. When it receive before the establishment first anniversary, “official approval of Crane Game expert (Kuretatsu=” for only foreigners.

During the past 10-time official approval third class into effect, the foreigners of 5 totals passes admirably. Also have the voice which wishes for holding because the crane game in Japan where I developed which is fused an animation and game culture and original is popular with the foreign people who visited Japan as well as foreigner’s people of Japanese residence, too, and how to take it isn’t understood from foreigner’s way.

Decide the third grade official approval holding that it intended for a foreigner as a certain “wide spread of crane game culture” and the association establishment first year for the purpose of association establishment and expand Japanese pleasure of the crane game and culture into all over the world.

[Only foreigners: Kuretatu official approval third class]Free!!
Information:Same as Official approval of Crane Game masters.
A fixed total number:Maximum of up to 30people
Place:World’s first crane game Centre Everyday in Gyoda Saitama city ⇒
Date:5th December (Sat) 10:00AM~12:30PM
Lectures:Representative Director – Hideo Nakamura & other 4 people
* Don’t worry about Japanese, we have an interpreter.

くれ達 外国人チラシ_01

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↓↓↓ 今後の開催予定です!! ↓↓↓


2020年4月18日 10:00~12:00

2020年5月16日 10:00~12:00

2020年6月13日 10:00~12:00



次回の第16回2級検定は、2020年 春 ~ 夏前 頃 の開催を予定しております。

世界一のゲームセンター エブリデイ行田店




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